Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home is Where the Water Is

This weekend, I went home and had lunch at my dad's restaurant. Afterward, the day was so beautiful that I drove to Bay Saint Louis and took a walk on the beach. It was nice seeing all my favorite places from my high school years and visiting my friend who lives on Beach Blvd.
One of my favorite memories from those times was staying up all night and watching the sunrise over the bay. Here is a picture from my junior or senior year in high school after Relay for Life.

this is my town's low budget site

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Raw and Wriggling

There must be a reason they call Hattiesburg "The Hub City." Though it has plenty of attractions to call its own, it will always be outshone by New Orleans 90 minutes to the west, Jackson 90 minutes to the north, and the Coast 90 minutes to the South.
I love the Coast with all my heart, and I always think a good meal is worth 90 minutes in the car. This weekend, I'm considering a trip to one of my favorite seafood restaurants in gulfport. It's probably helped to the top of my list because my dad works there, but that's beside the point. Point is: I'm going and it's going to be great.
This One

Searching For Money

It's that time again. It's time to reapply for all the money that I need for college. My favorite part of the whole thing is starting all over on all of my paper work. The FAFSA and MTAG need to be redone, and more scholarships need to be searched for.
No matter how independent I feel, every year around this time, I am reminded of my desperate need for my father's signature on his tax returns. I hate the financial aid system because I have to redo the same thing every year with my father's help that I have to hold his hand to make him give me. The system should be redone taking into account the level of independence that should be expected from a third year college student.
On the bright side, I found a pretty cool scholarship for next year Right Here.